Mind Expanding Guided Meditation


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Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation


Discover Your True Divine Nature 

Learn How to Live in the World but be Not of It


Pat writes, "I love your Mind Expanding Guided Meditation."

Debra writes, "The complimentary meditation you sent is much appreciated and helpful. Thank you very much."

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Different religions call your true nature by many different names, Higher Self, Soul, Atman, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, Big Mind, Self, Krishna Consciousness, etc, but much more important than the name we give it, is actually discovering it and abiding in it.  This guided meditation is designed to do just that.  Take you on a journey to awaken to your True Divine Nature.

The meditation is 20 minutes long and can be be practiced anywhere you are able to relax.  It is a step-by-step guided meditation in high quality MP3 audio format which you can download directly to your computer, laptop, ipod etc.  I would like to thank and credit Kevin MacLeod for providing the wonderful music for this meditation.

Benefits of Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation:

  1. Discover Your Infinite, Timeless Nature

  2. Learn How to Live in the World, But be Not of it

  3. Bestows Immense Peace and Tranquility

  4. Learn Breath Awareness Meditation

  5. Learn How to Live in the Moment

  6. Helps the Body and Mind De-Stress and Relax

  7. Build Mental Focus and Concentration

  8. Learn the Art of Witnessing

  9. Create an Optimum State for Self Healing to Take Place

  10. Find Inner Joy and Happiness

Download Free Guided Meditation Sample

Please note the following sample is of lower quality than the full version.  The sample is the first 2 minutes of the meditation.  Please RIGHT CLICK the link below and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to download to your computer.


Download Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation Audio MP3 SAMPLE 


100% 30 Money Back Guarantee

As any other product I sell, I am so sure you will enjoy and benefit spiritually from the Consciousness Expanding Guided Meditation that I give you a 100% money back guarantee.  And as always you get to keep the guided meditation even in the event you want a refund.

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